An ongoing goal of ours is to aid in restoring a biodiverse, dynamic, pollinator-friendly ecosystem on the land we tend. This type of farming will create a robust hemp crop that requires less labor and irrigation, and it also adds carbon to the soil to combat climate change. We believe everything is intrinsically connected so we try to care for the small but mighty lives around us, be they insects, plants, or fungi. Some of the plants growing naturally in the field are milkweed, mullein, and, to our surprise, a hemp look-alike species that made us feel like we really belonged.

With some community support, we were able to level procure a beehive this 2021 growing season! These honeybees will help us on our mission of restoration by pollinating flowers around the property, keeping those abundant and coming back every year. They won’t pollinate the hemp because it relies on wind pollination, but they will pay the plants a visit and hopefully pick up some terpenes and cannabinoids! If we’re lucky we might have some naturally infused CBD honey at the end of the season.

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