“I can feel the benefits almost immediately (10-20 minutes). Can’t wait to try other Mima products.”

“I’ve used it sublingually several times now for aches and pains, stress, and just to kinda mellow out from a hard day of work. Works amazingly.”

“Helps with joint pain and insomnia”

“I use it for migraines. Migraines knock me out typically, but CBD kicks my migraines ass.”

“It allows me to feel more open with my human experience. CBD is beautiful!”

“Mima’s tinctures and salves are fantastic for  inflammation and joint pain! In my experience, the tinctures all pair well with a morning coffee. Recently picked up a tin of the salve as well and within 45 minutes of getting it in the mail, pre-arthritic knuckle swelling and soreness had both subsided significantly. Easy recommendation!”

“loved the suver haze, and actually noticed the effects! the salve is the only thing that helps my hands from arthritis pain as well!”

“Great products! Got the Lifter Tincture to help sleep and it really helps. Haven’t slept this good in years!”